Olympus ESU w Footswitch and Patient Pad Adapter PSD-30



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Olympus PSD 30 Features

The Olympus PSD-30 has been designed specifically for electrosurgery through flexible endoscopes and combines advanced cutting & coagulation capability with enhanced safety features. Optimum settings can be quickly selected for both cutting and coagulation output.

Three cutting modes allow optimal cutting and haemostasis

Pure: Designed for quick cutting

Blend 1: Designed for moderate cutting and haemostasis

Blend 2: Designed for cutting with strong coagulation capability

Three coagulation modes provide optimal haemostatic effect

Forced: Designed for comparatively strong coagulation and haemostasis

Soft: Designed to stop light bleeding - very little tissue carbonization occurs in this mode, so it can be used mark tissue using a snare

Auto Stop: Designed to reduce tissue carbonization and invasion. The output is automatically stopped when a certain degree of coagulation has been reached during ’Soft’ mode coagulation

Olympus PSD 30 Specifications


Height: 6.3 in ( 160mm)

Width:11.6 in ( 295 mm)

Length:16.5in (420 mm)

Weight 7.8 kg


Voltage 220, 230, 240 V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Input current 2 A

Voltage fluctuation Within ±10%

Fuse rating 3.15 A, 250 V

Fuse size 5.0 × 20 mm

Output Types

Cut modes: 3 modes (PURE, BLEND1, BLEND2)

Coagulation modes: 3 modes (SOFT, AUTO STOP, FORCED)

The AUTO STOP output uses an identical waveform to SOFT and is provided with the auto stop function

Max Output

PURE: 50 W

BLEND1: 50 W

BLEND2: 50 W

SOFT: 50 W



(Rated load resistance 300 Ω, SOFT, AUTO STOP: 100 Ω)

Output Time

10 seconds ON and 30 seconds OFF output (to continue the output, keep the output time below 10 seconds)

Safety Fuctions

Patient / S-Cord

The function detects improper connections of cords and broken wires in the patient plate and S-cord. It activates the following functions if irregularities are detected:

Patient/S-cord warning indicator will light or flash.

If the above condition continues for a while, an alarm will sound and high frequency will stop. (When using an endoscope without S-cord, an alarm will sound and the high-frequency output will stop immediately.))

High Frequency Output Monitor

The function detects whether the output level is in accordance with the output setting. It activates the following functions if irregularities are detected:

High frequency output warning indicator will light

An alarm will sound

Output will be prevented

Output Time Monitor

The function detects the high-frequency output time. It activates the following functions if continuous output time exceeds the specified time:

Output time warning Indicator will flash after 15 seconds of continuous output.

If output continues for 15 more seconds (i.e. 30 seconds continuous output), the output time warning indicator will light constantly, the warning alarm will sound (in 5-second intervals), and output will be prevented.

Foot Switch Monitor

The function detects short-circuit of the foot switch. It activates the following functions if a short-circuit is detected:

The alarm display on the output setting indicator will flash

An alarm will sound

Change of setting will be prevented

Output will be prevented