ConMed Excalibur PLUS PC



Unlimited available

The Conmed Excalibur Power Plus and PC Plus models are available in bipolar or monopolar with cutting and coagulation. The Excaliburs are multi-purpose electrosurgical generators. Microprocessor control provides the user with safety and control. On the cut setting, these units provide 300 watts of output. A bipolar foot switch is available but optional as are rolling carts.

  • Most powerful isolated ESU available.
  • Allows the Surgeon to adjust power settings from the surgical field with a standard ES pencil.
  • Excalibur Plus PC Patented Controlled Output Voltage in CUT maintains minimum necessary voltage for smooth cutting through various impedance tissues with minimal thermal damage.
  • Electrosurgical Generator with Cut, Coag, Bipolar and Blend.
  • Includes a Mono-Polar Foot Pedal (Bi-Polar Foot Pedal is Optional Below).
  • 300 watts of output
  • The Excalibur Plus PC offers a scalpel like cut and three blend modes.
  • Pure Cut Maximum Peak to Peak Voltage is 2000 Volts
  • Blend 1- Maximum Peak to Peak Voltage is 2000 Volts
  • Blend 2- Peak Voltage of 2200 Volts
  • Blend 3- The Excalibur plus PC comes equipped with the maximum Peak to Peak Voltage of 2400 Volts
  90 day warranty