Olympus Video Ureteroscope URF-V



12 available

Key Benefits

  • Optimized visualization: The simultaneous multicolor CCD chip creates a large, bright, consistent image. Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) enhances visibility of vascular structures. A large 90 field of view allows better visualization of instruments entering the endoscopic image.
  • Insertion tube rotation: Rotation capabilities enable fine manipulations of the endoscope tip when aiming at stones while also allowing a comfortable working position.
  • Ergonomic design: Easy-to-reach programmable buttons allow frequently used settings to be easily controlled without breaking the sterile field.

Channel Width:  3.6Fr

Working Length: 670mm

Field of View: 90

Direction of View: Forward viewing

Depth of Field:  2-50mm

Outer Diameter:  8.5Fr

Outer Diameter Insertion Tube:  9.9Fr

Max Angulation Up:  180

Max Angulation Down:  275


1 year warranty when properly used and handled