Bovie Medical

Bovie Medical Two 130K lux Lights & One HD Video Camera (SD2D2P3) XLDS-S23VC



Unlimited available



  • The System Two LED Surgical lights are very energy efficient and consumes approximately half the electricity of their halogen counterparts
  • The System Two LED Surgical lights are low maintenance and efficient. Long-life 50,000 hour rated LEDs alleviate the need to purchase and store replacement bulbs and eliminates procedure room down-time due to unexpected bulb burn-outs
  • Light output is rated at 120,000 Lux with a Kelvin color temperature of 4300 degrees, superior shadow reduction and designed with the unmatched MI arm system for optimal Surgical site visibility and positioning
  • Providing a new standard or procedural comfort. Using System Two LED cool technology improves patient and staff comfort by reducing the heat produced by old-fashioned Halogen lights
  • The System Two LED saves the medical facility thousands when compared to standard OR lights currently available
  • Universal voltage: 100-240 VAC