TransMotion Medical

TransMotion Medical Stretcher TMM5


Unlimited available

The TransMotion Medical TMM5 Mobile Surgical Stretcher-Chair includes a hand held operating pendant. It is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

The TMM5 series provides superior surgeon access with the versatile articulating head piece, tapered back section, and lots of leg clearance while in stretcher position. Thick memory foam cushions offer exceptional patient comfort, while powered positioning provides for safe patient handling.

Utilizing a hand-held pendant allows for easy push-button patient positioning for both back and leg sections, as well as a low/high height adjustment. All TransMotion Medical Stretcher-Chairs come standard with the manual quick release back should urgent patient care be required.

With the TMM5, you no longer have to transfer the patient from stretcher to surgical table and back. While the patient is in pre-op, they enter the unit in chair position, staff uses the pendant to press a button to convert the chair to stretcher position, roll the patient into surgery for the procedure, then uses the pendant to press a button to set the stretcher to the preferred surgeon height, then roll the patient to post-op to recover in a comfortable reclining position. The TMM5 eliminates the need for patient transfer and manual positioning during their entire stay, thereby reducing patient fall and staff injury risk. Eliminating transfers also provides greater patient throughput.


Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.