Mizuho Jackson Table 5892



Unlimited available

Product Features: 

Carbon fiber frame provides complete radiolucency

 Unrestricted C-arm and O-arm® access

 360 degree patient rotation when used in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top

Lateral Tilt (25 degrees) in both directions

As part of the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System, the Spinal Surgery Top with its open frame design and individual positioning pads mount on the Advanced Control Modular Base and support the patient in the prone position for spinal surgery. When the Spinal Surgery Top is utilized in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top a patient can be easily repositioned from supine to prone.

Common Procedures:

– Anterior/Posterior Fusions – cervical to sacrum

– Surgical Correction of Deformities

– Laminectomies

– Decompressions

– Kyphoplasties

– Osteotomies