Olympus Fiber Ureteroscope URF-P6



12 available

Key Benefits

  • Easy access: The super-slim shaft is under 7.95 Fr., which helps with scope insertion in smaller ureters and maximizes visualization when used with an access sheath. The stiffer shaft of the URF-P6 is designed for smoother insertion of the scope into the ureter, providing easier access to the kidney. The generous UP/DOWN angulation provides easier access to stones in upper, mid and lower calyces even when working with a laser fiber.
  • Durable: The URF-P6 is designed with durability in mind and is compatible with the majority of popular sterilization modalities.
  • Excellent image quality: An integrated moir filter reduces distortion and provides a clear picture with minimal black dots.

Channel Width:  3.6Fr

Working Length:  670mm

Field of View:  90

Direction of View:  0

Depth of Field:  2-50mm

Outer Diameter:  4.9Fr

Outer Diameter Insertion Tube:  7.95Fr

Max Angulation Up:  275

Max Angulation Down:  275


1 year warranty when properly used and handled